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Tips for building a successful career in sales.

build a successful career in sales


You’ve just watched an episode of “Selling Houses New York”, and the lavish lifestyle inspires you. It showcases – luxury cars, penthouse apartments, high-end fashion, and multi-million dollar deals. You’ve decided to pursue a career in sales to attain a seven-figure income, live the good life, and retire early on a private yacht.

But is it easy to achieve success in sales? Not exactly, but it is possible. After all, someone has to purchase those designer clothes and dine at fine restaurants – why not you? While earning substantial amounts of money in sales is attainable, critical elements must be in place. This article will highlight important factors for success in sales. While not listed in any specific order, each is crucial if you want to excel in the field. Read on.

1.      Sell something you are interested in.

Selling success just got a whole lot sweeter! Want to know the secret ingredient? Genuine interest in the product or service you’re selling! Yeah, it sounds like a no-brainer, but trust us, it makes all the difference. We’ve seen countless salespeople struggle because they weren’t feelin’ the product they were tryin’ to sell. Take real estate sales, for example; thousands of people flock to the industry each year, all dreamin’ of big bucks and the million-dollar lifestyle. But the harsh reality is, without a genuine interest in real estate, most people will struggle and eventually fail to build any type of career at all.

Here’s the thing, whether you’re a pro golfer, footballer, or real estate salesperson, it takes a lot of hard work to become a master in your field—hours and hours of swingin’ clubs, shooting goals, or making calls. But let’s face it; success ain’t gonna come easy! You gotta work for it. And that’s why it’s important to have a genuine interest in what you’re sellin’.

So, before you jump into the sales game, take a step back and ask yourself a few questions. Do you use the product or service yourself? Is it related to a hobby or something you’re passionate about? Are you already know about it? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re on the right track! Your chances of success will skyrocket because you have a genuine interest in the subject matter.

Don’t get us wrong, product knowledge, industry knowledge, and market trends are important, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. The foundation of a successful sales career starts with your genuine interest. So choose wisely, my friend!

2.      Learn the basic steps of a sales cycle.

It still baffles me to see the lack of basic sales process understanding among sales teams and salespeople. Despite the countless methods and theories available, like SPIN selling, NLP-based selling, customer-centric sales, and the direct line method, the core steps of the sales cycle remain unchanged. These include prospecting, appointment setting, presenting, closing, and follow-up.

The duration of each phase in the sales cycle may vary based on the product or service being sold. For instance, closing a sale for a million-dollar home may take months, while selling gym memberships may close on the first or second call. As a sales professional, it’s crucial to understand the best practice sales cycle for your product or service.

3.      Train like a pro.

It’s amazing how many sales teams and salespeople are missing a basic understanding of the sales process! With so many methods and theories out there, like SPIN selling, NLP-based selling, customer-centric sales, and the direct line method, the fundamental steps of the sales cycle remain unchanged. Prospecting, appointment setting, presenting, closing, and follow-up are always at the core.

The length of each stage in the sales cycle can differ depending on what you’re selling. For example, it might take months to close a million-dollar home sale, but gym memberships could close on the first or second call. As a sales pro, it’s essential to know the best practice sales cycle for your product or service. So buckle up, grab a pen and paper, and let’s make some sales!

4.      Understand your customer.

Get into the heads of your customers and sell like a pro! In “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Dr Stephen Covey, he says successful people have a clear vision of their end goal. And that’s true for top sales performers too! To close more deals, you need to know what motivates your customers to buy – is it prestige, value, product quality, great service, or even just convenience?

Do they expect you to be a technical expert and guide their decision-making process? And what do they want to FEEL when they make a purchase? What are their fears? Think about the buying experience they want.

To get a deep understanding of your customers, ask questions, read articles and reviews, and actively listen when talking to them. The more you know about their needs, desires, and fears, the better you can serve them and build a reputation as a trusted expert, leading to more referrals and sales opportunities!

5.      Choose an employer or business opportunity wisely.

To build a successful sales career, you need to have a clear understanding of what success looks like and believe that you can achieve it. Your vision and belief are only half of the equation. The other half is the organization or business opportunity you choose to work for. If your goal is to earn a high income, but there is no one in the company earning that kind of money, it is unlikely that you will achieve your goal.

When choosing the right organization or business opportunity, consider whether anyone working at the company has what you want in terms of lifestyle, income, and other factors. The right opportunity should provide a path to help you achieve your vision.

For example, if you are passionate about selling high-end watches, you may have two job offers. The first is with a retail chain that sells multiple brands, including some prestigious ones. The company offers a good salary and a small commission for selling high-end watches. The second offer is with a specialty watch retailer specialising in new and quality pre-owned luxury watches. This retailer has a reputation for excellent service and stocks some of the most sought-after watches in the world. They offer a smaller salary than the chain store, but the commission is much higher and has the potential to triple your salary.

When choosing the right sales opportunity, it is essential to consider whether it provides a path towards your vision. This principle applies to all industries, from car sales and real estate to finance and travel.


Starting a career in sales can be a great decision, and with a bit of effort and commitment, you can achieve your goals. To get started, consider these tips that have helped many sales professionals succeed:

  1. Sell something you’re passionate about or interested in.
  2. Master the basic sales cycle, train effectively and have a thorough understanding of your industry and product/service.
  3. Know what motivates your customers to buy.
  4. Choose a company or business opportunity that provides evidence that your goals can be achieved.

With dedication and a clear vision, you too can join the ranks of successful sales professionals. Good luck on your journey!


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