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Upskill Training

About Us

Sales & Management Training

Up Skills Training is a team of innovative training specialists who are dedicated to helping sales and management professionals develop their skills. Our management team and experienced trainers have achieved success at every level of the sales and management profession. We understand that while competitors can imitate your products and services, it’s much more difficult to replicate a winning team culture, superior skills, knowledge, and talent.

Our goal is to partner with our clients to cultivate organisational cultures that are unparalleled and impossible to copy. By doing so, we can provide your business with a genuine competitive advantage that will set you apart from your rivals for years to come.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on providing personalised service to every customer. From the moment we meet, we take the time to understand your business, your people, and the outcomes you hope to achieve. Whether you’re a small but growing boutique firm, or a large multinational corporation seeking to upskill your sales and management staff, your needs are unique.

Our experienced trainers offer flexible training options that can transform your team’s performance. By providing your staff with the new skills and information they need to excel, you can achieve enormous gains in outcomes and set your organisation apart from the competition.

We are a team of creative, original, and forward-thinking individuals who build customised training solutions using the latest adult accelerated learning techniques. We design training for all your customer-facing teams, including sales teams, customer support teams, inbound and outbound call centre teams, and after-sales service teams. 

Why Choose us?

Innovative Thinking

We help sales teams, managers and leaders realise their fullest potential. We are committed to innovating, researching and developing the newest practices in sales, management and leadership.


Our Facilitators are highly experienced and passionate about all aspects of sales. They have all personally had distinguished sales careers, so you can be confident that the training is being facilitated by an experienced and passionate professional who has walked the walk.


Our training courses are professionally designed and include measurable outcomes demonstrating a clear return on your investment. Coursework is interactive, specific to your workplace and most importantly, delivered in an exciting and fun manner. Adults learn most effectively when they are relaxed & can relate course materials directly to their work. 

Committed to excellence

UpSkill Your Team


Training staff makes good business sense

Developing and implementing effective staff training can benefit your employees and your business. By investing in your staff, even on a small training budget, you can drive down costs to your business and help increase sales and profits.

At UpSkill Training we take the time to learn your business and staff training needs. We are creative, innovative & forward-thinking.  We design training solutions encompassing the latest in adult accelerated learning principles for Sales teams, Customer service teams, Call centre teams inbound & outbound and After-sales service team.

Benefits of Training your staff includes:

Increase productivity

Improve staff morale

Reduce staff turnover

Attract top talent

Helps businesses adapt to change

Reduce faults, waste or customer complaints